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Office of Economic & Demographic Research
The Florida Legislature

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Census Products

Census Data

Census Data Tools

  • Explore Census Data
    • Tables: Allows users to dynamically add geographies, topics, or any applicable filters. Users can reorder, pin, and hide columns all with simple drag and drop functionality. It is also possible to customize tables, and then download multiple vintages of it quickly.
    • Profiles: Get an overview of the state, county, or place all in one location with the Census geo-profile pages. They provide high-level statistics regarding people and population, race and ethnicity, families and living arrangements, health, education, business and economy, employment, housing, and income and poverty. The system also allows users to share or embed the maps and charts.
  • Explore Census Microdata
    • For users that cannot find what they need in the pre-tabulated data tables. This system includes a number of public use microdata files for demographic datasets, such as the American Community Survey and the Current Population Survey, allowing users to create custom tables.

Census Training

  • Census Academy
  • Upcoming Webinars (
  • Recorded Webinars (
  • Courses (
  • Data Gems (
    • A series of "how-to" videos available for data users who are looking for an easy and quick way to enhance their knowledge of Census data. They introduce various concepts and techniques to improve a user's ability to navigate the Census website and use Census data-access tools.

Census Surveys and Programs

Income and Poverty Estimates

Census Products Developed by Other State Agencies

  • Labor Shed Reports by County
    • A labor shed analysis is defined as where workers work and where workers live relative to a user-defined selection area. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity has prepared analyses to determine where a labor market draws its commuting workers. Labor shed studies allow comparisons between various geographies by indicating how many of the selection area workers work outside the area. Labor sheds can also help identify potential pools of workers who would be available for work in the user-defined area.




Last Revised: February 6, 2023