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Office of Economic & Demographic Research
The Florida Legislature

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  • aerial of Miami Beach
  • Florida Bridge to the Keys
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Consensus Estimating Conferences

Consensus Forecasting --Economic, demographic, resource-demand, and revenue forecasts are essential for a variety of governmental planning and budgeting functions. Most importantly, revenue and resource-demand estimates are needed to ensure that Florida meets its constitutional balanced budget requirement. In this regard, the various forecasts are used primarily in the development of the constitutionally required Long-Range Financial Outlook, the Governor's budget recommendations, and the General Appropriations Act. Economic and demographic forecasts are also used to support the other estimates of revenues and demands for state services. While references to specific conferences exist in several places within the Florida Statutes, general statutory authority for the consensus forecasts is provided in ss. 216.133 to 216.138, F.S., which specify the duties of each conference and designate the conference principals and participants. See conference process for additional information.

Criminal Justice Estimating Conference

Demographic Estimating Conference

Early Learning Programs Estimating Conference

Economic Estimating Conference

Education Estimating Conference

Florida Retirement System Actuarial Assumption Conference

Labor Market Estimating Conference

Revenue Estimating Conference

Self-Insurance Estimating Conference

Social Services Estimating Conference


Last Revised: July 22, 2024